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Get Sh*t Done Lab


Here to help you and your business get things done

Ready to Bring Your Ideas & Strategies to Life?

We understand how challenging it is for business owners to find extra time to manage and build special projects given the increasing pressure of running a business and the current skills shortage in advice.

This is why after years of consulting and coaching financial advisers around Australia on business strategies, our team has come up with an innovative solution to support and help business owners implement their strategies.

Introducing the GSD Lab, a new division of Elixir Consulting, where our indispensable team will help you take your strategy, plan it, build it, and manage it for you with no extra headcount.

GSD LAB are a team of advice professionals helping
you bring your ideas and strategy to life.

Under the expert guidance of Lana, GSD Lab is created to meet the needs of business owners who just can’t keep up with the increasing pressures of both working in their business and on it, and with a current skills shortage in advice, finding the right team members is increasingly difficult – especially for projects lasting short periods of time.



Operations Change

Business Model Change

Operations Change

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Technology Stack and Cyber Security Audit

In today’s digital era, it’s necessary for businesses to invest in building a layered cybersecurity defence that offers more comprehensive protection from external threats.

We offer the following set of tools and technology your business can leverage to protect and secure your people, data, and infrastructure from threats.

  • Perimeter Security
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Information Security
  • Authentication Protocols
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Network Monitoring

Data & Insights

Data is the key driver in attaining any business transformation. By establishing a steady and aligned data strategy to your business goals, you have the opportunity to make better business decisions and do something unique with your business.
Study shows that by investing in a strong data culture, businesses get to have higher success rates.
We help you discover the power of your existing data and how data-driven decisions can ensure sustainable growth.

Managed IT Services

With today’s technologies, investing in managed IT services can help your business remain competitive while saving you time and money, and resources spent in managing daily IT operations.
Our team can help you save time and cost by handling the IT operations of your business. We provide a comprehensive range of services that you can choose from:
  • IT Consulting
  • Help Desk Support
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Cloud Service Management and Monitoring
  • Technology Procurement and Management
  • Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

All Set to

Get Sh*t Done?

With decades of experience in advising, coaching, and implementing strategy and managing change in financial advice, our team can help you take your business to the next level.
Take action today and book a call with us.

Manage Fluctuations in Workflow

Our Accounting Assistants have an in-depth understanding of Australian taxation and accounting fundamentals to accurately prepare and deliver financial accounts on schedule.

Improve ASIC / ATO Compliance

We can relieve workflow pressure on your business by taking on standard ASIC / ATO correspondence and lodgements.