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AZNGA, Level 10, 88 Philip Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

(02) 899 99696

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B Corp
We are committed to be a force for good for our people and community
B Corp
We are committed to be a force for good for our people and community
We are proud to be a
Certified B Corporation!

In November 2023, we officially joined the ranks of over 7,000 business communities around the globe as VBP achieves the prestigious B Corp certification.

This certification verifies us to have met and been compliant with high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.


What it means to be B Corp certified

VBP is now part of the roster of global changemakers who aim to run a better business not just for profit alone but also for social and environmental causes.
VBP is B Corp Certified!
We commit to a sustainable and greener future by engaging in environmental activities with partner communities.
The VBP offices uphold high standards in safety and security in providing its Team Members a conducive place to work.
As a people-first company, VBP champions inclusivity, equality, and individual development among Team Members.

We are extremely proud of our journey of being one of the global leaders for sustainable change.

As a B Corp-certified company, we continue to provide a conducive environment for our people to thrive and deliver transformative solutions in amplifying our clients’ overall business growth.